Zhang Zhijun remarks at Matsu Festival ahead of 6th Straits Forum
“Don’t let political discrepancy hurt peace between both sides”
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-13 09:33 PM

Ahead of his official visit to Taiwan in late June, Zhang Zhijun, minister of China's Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), said at the opening ceremony for the Fujian Matsu Festival, a culture week to revere a Chinese goddess of the sea, that cross-strait relations will inevitably be met with headwinds and challenges. Zhang believed that wisdom can lead both sides to find a solution to solve problems after communications and exchange of ideas.

“We are on the same boat and sailing on the same ocean. As long as we work together with the same purpose, we can eventually land on the beautiful shore, safely, regardless of sea conditions. The goddess Matsu will be with us on the journey,” said Zhang.

The Matsu cultural week kicked off on Thursday with an array of celebration events taking place at the Matsu Square on Meizhou Island, Putien City of Fujian Province with participation of more than 10,000 people, followed by the 6th Straits Forum.

The 6th Straits Forum, co-sponsored by 73 units across the straits, will be staged in Xiamen on June 14. Preparations for the annual gathering are winding down. Xiamen, the main venue, will host 27 activities including talks, culture exchange, and economic forums. Temple fairs and night market fairs are the spotlights too. The Taiwan Temple fair will be held at the Citizen’s Culture Square in Haicang District between June 13 and 17, running daily from 10am to 11pm. The temple fair will also feature a number of cultural shows. The Haicang government will hand over 40,000 night market consumption vouchers for visitors during the temple fair, according to Chinese media.

In addition, the Straits Financial Forum, the Cross-Straits Chinese Medicine Development and Cooperation Seminar, and the Straits Quality Forum will be held with more in-depth discussions between people from both sides.

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