KMT calls for ‘rational’ review of Examination, Control Yuan nominees
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-15 04:04 PM
On Monday the Legislative Yuan will take up the matter of confirming nominations to the Examination Yuan and Control Yuan, and KMT spokesman Chen Yi-hsin set the tone for the process Saturday by calling for DPP lawmakers to refrain from looking at all nominees solely on the basis of whether they are “pro-Ma” or “anti-Ma”. Chen said that the nominees are backed by recommendations from a wide range of prominent figures and asked legislators to look at the merits of each nominee calmly and rationally.

Chen said that recent DPP publicity has tried to pin "Ma team member" labels on some of the nominees and say they do not deserve confirmation. Chen said this is a political ploy intended to turn the confirmation process into yet another Blue vs. Green confrontation. He noted that this is one of the biggest problems in the political environment in Taiwan and called for the DPP think clearly and appraise each candidate on his or her own personal merits rather than making it another battleground in the struggle between the ruling and opposition parties.

Chen pointed out that all of the nominees for the two yuans have been recommended and supported by a wide range of outside parties and are all respected candidates with excellent professional backgrounds. He urged legislators to put aside their political differences to consider the backgrounds of the nominees in making their decisions.

Chen noted that DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen has just won her third term as party chairman. He said he hopes this means the DPP will be able to move past its "irrational" stance in politics and adopt a fresh attitude toward politics in Taiwan. He said that carrying out a rational and objective review of the nominees will be a good first step toward ensuring a better future for the people of the nation.

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