Annette Lu: Hold Tsai Ing-wen accountable if Ko Wen-je loses
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-17 11:30 AM
Even as the atmosphere was placid and harmonious as Ko Wen-je and the DPP Central Executive Committee met to discuss how to coordinate their plans for the Taipei mayoral election, former vice-president Annette Lu was furious. She castigated DPP Chairman Tsai for leading a "funeral party" instead of a political party and demanded that Tsai step down if Ko Wen-je leads the opposition to defeat in the year-end election.

The DPP CEC will meet Wednesday to formalize its agreement with Ko that it will not put forward another candidate for mayor nor will it demand that he join the party if he wins the mayor’s race. Those two concessions had Annette Lu livid, and she leveled her criticism at both Ko and Tsai.

Lu noted that Ko is not a sure thing in the election and asked the NTU Hospital physician, "What have you done to deserve a free meal at the expense of the DPP? How many DPP martyrs have bled sweated for democracy over the past few decades to build this political party, and what have you done that the DPP should grovel to you?"

Lu pointed out that when Chen Shui-bian was running for Taipei mayor, Lee Teng-hui was chairman of the KMT, and Lee pushed for the party to nominate Huang Ta-chou as its candidate even though he trailed PFP candidate Chao Shao-kang in opinion polls. Similarly, during the 2000 presidential election, the KMT chose Lien Chan to run for president even though PFP candidate James Soong was faring better than Lien in the polls.

Lu went on to emphasize, "If Ko Wen-je is elected it is not a victory for the DPP. And if Ko loses, is that the death of the DPP? Are the stakes that big?"

Addressing Tsai Ing-wen, Lu was blunt: "If Ko Wen-je loses, chairman Tsai must step down, any party official who publicly supports [Ko] must resign!"

Shen Fu-hsiung, a former legislator who also has run for Taipei mayor in the past, said Monday, "If Ko Wen-je were willing to join the party, the DPP would be his stepmother; if he refuses to join the party, the DPP is his godmother." He noted that he was a DPP member for many years and the party is his “former mother.” He said he left the party for many reasons, but after he left he never “married” another political party.

Shen noted that Ko has said he is not too worried about money to fund his campaign. Shen cautioned Ko, "Ko goes on about this all day long, but I'm here to advise him that he should not be too disrespectful of the DPP, it can be his source of milk."

Shen Fu-hsiung noted that although he is now the polls are not high, if he decides to run for mayor the DPP could nominate a candidate for Deputy Mayor. He said Taipei City Councilor Chou Po-ya, legislators Pasuya Yao and Tuan Yi-kKang and former legislator Kuo Cheng-liang would all be good candidates for deputy mayor, and the DPP could also seriously consider each one as a candidate for Taipei mayor in 2018.

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