China Times: Zain Dean case poses test for Taiwan's judiciary
Central News Agency
2014-06-19 11:20 AM
A court in Scotland ruled June 11 that British national Zain Dean, who was convicted in Taipei of a fatal hit-and-run case but fled Taiwan in 2012, should be extradited to Taiwan to serve his sentence. In making the ruling, the court said there is no question about Taiwan's legal status and expressed confidence that Dean will receive reasonable treatment in Taiwan's penal system. The result demonstrates that the Scottish court has taken an impartial stand in the case and did not side with Dean just because he is a British national. The hit-and-run case is not the only legal trouble involving Dean. Besides serving his jail term, Dean will likely face more legal proceedings in Taiwan. After Dean is back in Taiwan, it will be Taiwan's turn to show that its courts can rule without bias. Also, we must remind the media to avoid any unwarranted interference and allow judges to act independently. Although Dean is despicable for attempting to evade his prison sentence, whether he committed more crime during the escape can only be determined after a fair trial. Now that Taiwan's judicial system has built an international image as being trustworthy and just, Taiwanese society and public opinion should wait for the court to tell them whether Dean is guilty, instead of demanding the court accept any predetermined positions. (Editorial abstract -- June 19, 2014) (By Y.F. Low)
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