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Lawmakers approve all 19 nominees for Examination Yuan posts
Central News Agency
2014-06-21 12:01 AM
Taipei, June 20 (CNA) All 19 nominees by President Ma Ying-jeou for members at the Examination Yuan were approved by the Legislature Friday, despite differing views on whether the government body should continue to exist in the first place. The Examination Yuan is one of the five branches of government in Taiwan and is the highest authority in charge of national examination affairs and the examinations and management of all civil service personnel.

Taiwan's opposition parties, however, believe the agency's functions are limited and can be dealt with by other government branches; accusing it of being a waste of taxpayers' money. However, the nominations for the Yuan's members were approved because the ruling party holds a majority of seats in the legislature. The 19 nominees were approved after the government branch's two top seats were approved earlier in the day. Among the 19 nominees, nine were incumbent members at the Examination Yuan.

Earlier, lawmakers approved the nominations of Wu Jin-lin to be the next president of the Examination Yuan and Kao Yung-kuang to be the institution's vice president. The approvals came from the ruling party and smaller parties' legislators. The ruling Kuomintang controls 65 of the Legislative Yuan's 113 seats, compared with the Democratic Progressive Party's 40 seats. The minority party Taiwan Solidarity Union has three legislators. Both of those opposition parties decided to boycott the vote. They believe the Examination Yuan is unnecessary. Funding for the government branch reached NT$26 billion (US$866 million), including the Public Service Pension Fund, according to this year's budget, with payment for the Yuan members and other personnel amounting to NT$277 million. The president of the Yuan makes NT$304,900 a month and each member makes NT$179,520 monthly. Funding for the Examination Yuan amounts to 1.3 percent of Taiwan's total budget, higher than even that of the Legislative Yuan, which comprised only 0.2 percent of overall spending. Wu, who has been serving as vice president of the Examination Yuan, was named by President Ma in May as a replacement for John Kuan, who is retiring after a six-year term as head of the government institution.

Kao is being promoted to vice president from his position as one of the Examination Yuan's 19 members. The nominees will take office after August 31, when the six-year terms of the current president, vice president and Examination Yuan members expire. (By Wang Chao-yu, Jay Chen and Elizabeth Hsu)

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