China Times: Crisis of Sean Lien's mayoral campaign
Central News Agency
2014-06-26 11:17 AM
A significant change has recently occurred in the Taipei mayoral race. While public support for opposition candidate Ko Wen-je has been rising, there appears to be a decline in the popularity of the ruling Kuomintang's Sean Lien. Since last year, Lien has been the most popular aspirant for Taipei mayor in various opinion surveys, mainly thanks to his image as an atypical politician. Although Lien is from a prominent political family, he has mostly stayed in the private sector and has not held any public office. This differentiates him from traditional KMT politicians. Lien's traits, however, have disappeared from the public eye since he was officially nominated by the KMT. Under pressure to reconciliate with staunch KMT supporters, the originally aggressive, straightforward and outspoken Lien is nowhere to be seen. Worse still, his eagerness to present his policy ideas has led to some ill-considered plans, which have in turn exposed his shortcomings. One example is his proposal to relocate the city government center from Xinyi District to west of the Taipei Main Station, in an effort to boost the development of the western part of Taipei. In fact, the development of different areas in a city and where the government center is located are two separate issues. In New York City, for example, Harlem is the least-developed neighborhood of Manhattan, but there will never be a New York mayor who would move the government center there as a way to narrow the development gap. There are still months before the election is held in late November. Lien's campaign team must find a way to turn the situation around. (Editorial abstract -- June 26, 2014) (By Y.F. Low)
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