Consensus reached on offices should be implemented: Zhang
Central News Agency
2014-06-27 11:23 PM
Taipei, June 27 (CNA) China's Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) head Zhang Zhijun said Friday that Beijing and Taipei should strive to carry out the consensus reached during a meeting on Wednesday between the two sides' top cross-strait affairs officials. Zhang and his Taiwanese counterpart, Mainland Affairs Council Minister Wang Yu-chi, moved Taiwan and China one step closer to setting up representative offices in each other's territory by agreeing that office staffers could make humanitarian visits to detainees held by the other side. They also agreed to study issues considering Taiwan's involvement in proposed regional trade blocs such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Zhang made the remarks after meeting with Wang in an informal setting in Kaohsiung. Zhang said he shared with Wang his impressions of Taiwanese society over the past three days, while Wang further introduced Taiwan to him. Neither of them, however, touched on the possibility of a "Ma-Xi meeting," Zhang said, referring to Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Prior to the informal meeting, protesters splashed white paint and threw ghost paper at Zhang's car when it arrived the venue. Many security guards were at the scene and both the windshield and body of Zhang's car, were painted in white. Earlier in the day, Zhang met Hsing Yun, a Chinese Buddhist monk and founder of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist order, and said he hoped the two sides of the strait could reconcile their differences. It will require wisdom and family love to reach that goal, he said, adding that he hoped the wish could be realized soon. (By Cheng Chi-feng and Lee Hsin-Yin)
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