Academics call for better care for Chen Shui-bian
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-03 02:33 PM
A total of 21 academics from Taiwan’s prestigious Academia Sinica, including Yunfan Liao, He Ying-kang, Chen Liang-po and Chen Ting-hsin of the institute’s Life Sciences Department, presented a petition Thursday calling for the Ma government to respect the medical profession and its judgment and order changes in the care that is being given to former President Chen Shui-bian in prison. The petition emphasized that Chan should receive all the attention and treatment to which any medical patient is entitled

Liao noted that a diagnosis of Chen’s ailments prepared in May this year by Taichung Veterans General Hospital found that "the patient requires full-time medical care as part of his daily routine in order to be able to make court appearances as needed. In order to do this, the court should consider transferring [the prisoner] to a convalescent home or other environment in order to be better able to improve [his] current condition.”

Liao and 20 other academics with medical backgrounds believe that changes need to be made in the care being accorded to the former president. They emphasize that the diagnosis of Chen's medical condition was made more than two months ago but no action at all has been taken as a result. They note that they are very disappointed with the current situation, which they bluntly said amounts to abuse of the prisoner.

Liao asked, "It is not possible for the government to respect the explicit recommendations made by Taichung Veterans General Hospital regarding former President Chen? You will note that our petition states that any patient who has such evidence of need from a hospital should be treated in accordance with what the hospital proposes in the way of appropriate care."

Liao also made it clear that the group’s petition calling for a change in Chen Shui-bian’s care is not politically motivated, but is presented solely from the standpoint of doctors and medical researchers.

Academia Sinica fellow Chen Ting-hsin added that no human being should be subjected to the treatment that Chen Shui-bian is receiving in confinement.

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