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Bipartisan youth advisors hope to enliven government policies
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-06 02:53 PM
The Executive Yuan has announced the formation of a Youth Advisory Group intended to act as a bridge between the government and the people and to ensure that government policy will be more in line with the needs of youth. Made up of young people including members of the 318 Sunflower student movement as well as Live house founder Cheng Shih-chia, the group will focus on a number of areas including agriculture and finance and cultural and creative affairs. It consists of 27 people averaging 27 years old and will hold its first meeting in the near future.

The youth group was one of the initiatives laid out by President Ma Ying-jeou earlier this year in a speech on the occasion of his sixth anniversary in office on May 20. He noted that the government would strive to invite young citizens to provide ideas and suggestions for improving government performance and effectiveness. On Saturday the Executive Yuan yesterday announced the formation of the Youth Advisory Group, explaining that it will meet once every three months to discuss current problems and find possible solutions

33-year-old Cheng Shih-chia told reporters the government has designated the Internet industry as a key industry in Taiwan in the future. He said that as a member of the advisory group he hopes he to offer suggestions that will help the government develop Internet-related policies and establish industry policies and objectives. Cheng added that the youth advisory group is intended to help facilitate regular communication across party lines rather than act as the exclusive tool of any particular party. In addition, the youth advisory group will retain its original characteristics and functions even if the ruling and opposition parties switch sides.

The member’s list also includes Ho Pei-chun, who is widely known for his efforts in revitalizing the cultural and creative energy of Nantou with projects such as the Sky Garden of the Zhu-shan Mountain Corporation. Ho has funneled his energies into projects that will allow people to enjoy more cultural experiences in life and integrate a wider variety of interests into local culture. His aim is to see that smaller towns and communities can develop their tourism potential without sacrificing other possibilities for development.

31-year-old Eleanor Chan, who has served as Vice President of Citigroup Global Investment Bank since 2007, says that as a member she hope to steer monetary policy toward more open approaches and allow the government to enhance the size and efficiency of the financial sector. The youngest member among the advisors, 20-year-old Tseng Kuang-chih, is a published author and veteran of the Dark Blue Forum who hopes to use the management forum to translate practical experience into for a like fan pages and other platforms that will enhance youth participation in public affairs.

Other notables on the list include Jason Hsu, who introduced the TED concept to Taiwan; Chung Chang-hung, whose innovative ideas have re-invigorated classrooms all across Taiwan; expatriate spouses Wang Cheng-feng and Lin Li-chan; Liu Yu-cheng, an independent farmer; I.C. Chan, co-founder of and partner in AppWorks Venture Capital; and Li Wei-kuo, a construction team engineer. There are a total of 18 males and nine females in the group.

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