Tsai Ing-wen: DPP must be careful in gearing up for year-end elections
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-06 06:20 PM
DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen warned party members Sunday that the DPP faces a very tenacious political foe in this year’s November elections, cautioning all DPP candidates to be alert and careful at every step from now until the polls close on election day.

Tsai was in Chiayi County Sunday for the swearing-in ceremony of Tsai Yi-yu, the new executive chairman of her institute for innovation. She also made presentations to the party’s candidates for township mayors and county councilors in the year-end elections.

Tsai harked back to days when the KMT and local factions had Chiayi County under their thumbs. In the past decade, she said, hard work by former Chiayi Mayor Chen Ming-wen and current Mayor Helen Chang have won the people of the city and country over to the Green Camp. It has not been easy, she said, but the diligence of party members in the area has paid off.

Tsai noted that the Green Camp has won a reputation in Chiayi County as the party which is "honest, diligent and patriotic," and for more than a decade has presented a successful model for party members across the island to emulate.

Tsai said that as recently as 2009 the DPP stood at its lowest point in Taiwan. At that time, she said, even the prospects in Chiayi County were not that good for the DPP. But the party faced up to its opponents’ strength and abundant resources and held on to the county for the DPP. It was a very pretty win in very difficult times, said Tsai, and now the party must show its support and appreciation for the hard work the DPP has exerted in Chiayi in the past.

Tsai noted that new chairman Tsai Yi yu is young – in his early30s – and like her is a graduate of National Taiwan University Law School. She said that although he began practicing law only a few years ago, he has already gained a great deal of practical professional experience and is certain to turn out to be a very effective and efficient force on behalf of the party.

Tsai noted that Tsai Yi-yu will be a key factor in coming elections in 2014 and 2016, and he deserves the full support of party members across the island. With tough elections ahead at the end of this year and again in 2016, party members must be cautious and alert at every step and ready to deal with a dangerous opponent, she said.

Tsai told reporters she had accepted a request from the party’s campaign for mayor of New Taipei City to serve as the head of its campaign headquarters there. She downplayed the move, saying that the media’s painting of her decision to move into the campaign as a strategy to “destroy” incumbent Mayor Eric Chu “a bit too melodramatic."

Tsai added that the backgrounds and environments in various elections across Taiwan vary widely from place to place, with each one calling for its own careful consideration and planning.

Tsai added that the consolidated opposition candidate for mayor of New Taipei City, Yu Shyi-kun, served as her campaign manager when she ran for president against Ma Ying-jeou in 2012, and now she wanted to repay Yu for the favor.

She pointed to Yu’s long years of service to the party and the people of Taiwan and encouraged DPP and opposition candidates at every level in the year-end elections to work with Yu and his campaign for the better of all Green candidates in the elections.

Tsai also commented on the fortunes of TaiMed Biologics, which is thriving under the careful stewardship of David Ho and Chen Lan Bo of Academia Sinica. She noted that the biotechnology industry in Taiwan is at a point where the commitment and sacrifice of many people are essential to its survival and success. She said the government needs to come up with ways to assist in the development of the biotechnology industry, and the industry should not be allowed to fall victim to political considerations.

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