FDA: Both product and brand names required on noodle packaging
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-06 06:59 PM
The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) has reached an agreement with producers in the rice noodle industry regarding new regulations on labeling of packaging for rice noodles. Under the new rules, the key marking on the package is to be the type of noodles, based on content. If rice from Hsinchu or other well-known rice-growing areas is used in making the product that name may also be used but may not be larger in area than one-half the size of the product name

Chiang Yu-mei, the Deputy Director of MOHW’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said Sunday that the guidelines on the labeling of rice noodle packaging which went into effect on July 1 will be amended to reflect the latest decision by the FDA.

The stipulation regarding the point of origin of the rice will apply to rice from Hsinchu as well as rice from other noted areas such as Puli, said Chiang. She said producers will have some creative leeway on layouts. For example, the product name must appear on the front of the package but can be placed in the center, top or bottom, according to the creative bent of the producer, and the production origin, if used, may not be larger than 1/2 the size of the product name.

Another point to be observed is the contents listing. If rice flour constitutes less than 50% of the content, said Chiang, then it must be clearly labeled as cooking flour, gouache (‘water’) flour or another appropriate name on the packaging.

MOHW previously announced that beginning July 1 only products made entirely using rice flour could be labeled rice noodles. Products with a rice content of 50% to 100% must be labeled blended noodles, and products with less than 50% rice in their contents are not allowed to use the word rice in the product name, using terms like cooking noodles or gouache noodles instead.

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