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ASE ramps up recruitment for Apple products
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-07 12:04 PM

In response to demand for the iPhone 6 and iWatch in the latter half of the year, semiconductor packaging and testing leader ASE (2311) will expand its allocation of R & D and front-line operations personnel. The R & D and operations personnel assigned to the iWatch will be doubled to several hundred employees to fully seize wearable device business opportunities.

ASE admitted that the company is doing well in terms of purchase orders and will continue expanding manpower this year. However, the company cannot comment on the order status of individual customers or details regarding manpower expansion.

ASE’s large-scale recruitment in recent years has been primarily focused on front-line production line operators. Compared to the faster process advancement of foundries such as TSMC (2330), technology evolution among packaging and testing companies is slower. Thus, ASE has not expanded the number of R & D personnel greatly in recent years.

Institutional investors believe that ASE’s present expansion of R & D and production line manpower allotment reveals the imminent placement of new Apple orders for high technology threshold products with gross profit margin and pricing superior to normal production line items.

Currently, ASE’s R & D personnel number less than 6,000 employees. After this wave of expansion, R & D personnel will be increased to 6,500 employees initially.

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