Documentary to honor Chiang Wei-shui at URS27W Gallery
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-07 09:46 PM
If you wish to understand the history and dynamics of Taiwan’s democracy, you absolutely must know the names of Chiang Wei-shui, Lin Hsien-tang, and Tsai Pei Huo, the leading intellectuals who spread seeds of knowledge and awareness to peasants in the period Taiwan under Japanese rule. Democracy activist Chiang and intellectuals of his age initiate contemporary democracy movement and cultural enlightenment, historians said. Their courage, passion, and sacrifice to this land have somewhat changed the course of Taiwan’s history in politics ever since.

A documentary conducted by Chiang’s descendants on the island titled “Love and Sacrifice: the story of Chiang Wei-shui and other Taiwanese elites” will debut on July 10 at the Taipei City-sponsored URS27W Gallery, the old site of the Taiwan Cultural Association and close to Chiang’s Da An Hospital.

October 17, 1921, the Taiwan Cultural Association was founded by Chiang along with the most influential and respected intellectuals, sparking Taiwan’s New Cultural Movement and was later coined as Taiwan’s Age of Enlightenment in contemporary history. In this movement, intellectuals published club papers, established Taiwan Minpao, expanded newspaper reading clubs as well as bookstore outlets, conducted forums, and promoted movies, music, arts, contributing to the emergence of cultural modernity on the island.

Speaking of the venue to broadcast documentary, URS27W Gallery has a historical implication. The gallery was originally a two-storey red brick teahouse standing at the center of the Japanese era’s Taiping neighborhood, close to the heart of Taiwan’s New Culture Movement. It was reopened in January 2014 under the name of URS27W Gallery in Taipei City’s old Dadaocheng neighborhood, and is now managed by I-Mei Multimedia e-Content Production and Marketing Co., Ltd.

The premiere on July 10 will be attended by documentary director and playwright, I-Mei Multimedia Chairman Luis Ko, and Chiang Wei-shui Cultural Foundation chairman Yen Wen-hsi. The documentary was directed by Cultural Style Creativity’s Huang Hsin-chang.

This documentary will be played on August 5, September 13, October 17, November 8, and December 13 from morning 10:30 to noon at URS27W Gallery, No. 27, Section 2, Yanping North Road.

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