SEF defends role in disputes as legislator calls China a money trap
Central News Agency
2014-07-08 10:29 PM
Taipei, July 8 (CNA) Taiwan's semi-official body for negotiating with China said Tuesday that it has helped resolve nearly half of all complaints it has received from Taiwanese businessmen operating in China, a response to an opposition lawmaker's accusation that Beijing was trying to lure in local investors to "steal" their money. Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) official Teng Tai-hsien said the organization has received 2,000 complaints to date, 47 percent of which have been handled in a manner that the petitioners found satisfactory. Many of the cases were reported over a decade ago with little data for SEF to use, but the foundation is doing its best to investigate, Teng said, citing a Taiwanese business seeking indemnity from the local government in Qingdao, Shandong Province which has already received 500 million Chinese yuan (US$80.56 million) out of a requested 1 billion. The statement came after Taiwan Solidarity Union lawmaker Chou Ni-an said in an afternoon press conference that China's preferential treatment for Taiwanese investors is just a way to draw them in and snatch their business assets. At that press conference, Chen Yun-huo, a former member of Taiwan's defunct National Assembly, said that he invested 40 million yuan in a real estate development project in Xiamen only to find that the co-investor, a Chinese company, had put no money in, sparking a legal battle among shareholders in the venture. Also present was businessman Huang Hsi-tsung, who said he has been involved in legal action for 14 years running over 10 million yuan in loans someone took out in his name using a forged seal. Huang, who had invested in a motorcycle plant in Fujian Province and subcontracted operation management to another Taiwanese business, said that he has won seven civil suits but the ownership certificates for his property have been seized by the local bank, then handed to the courts, and then given to the Taiwan Affairs Office branch in the province. "This is illegal seizure," he complained. (By Wang Chao-yu and Evelyn Kao)
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