Control Yuan to seek opinion from Grand Justices on MeHAS case
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-09 11:11 AM
An investigation into the MeHAS housing development case by Ma Yi-kung, Li Fu-tien and Lin Chu-lang of the Control Yuan finds that the Taipei City Government’s acquisition of land to construct a total of 16 buildings and sell them to private buyers was in violation of the relevant provisions of the Mass Rapid Transit Law and the Land Use Law. A check into the case by the Ministry of Interior, however, found no problems with the sale of the property to private buyers. On Tuesday Ma and her colleagues asked the Council of Grand Justices to develop a uniform interpretation based on the two different findings.

Ma and Li pointed out that the city’s expropriation of the land for development in parallel with a nearby MRT station for transfer and sale to private individuals was in contradiction with the terms of public transit laws. This was in complete disagreement with the Ministry of the Interior’s finding on the case.

Ma Yi-kung pointed out that the Taipei City Government owns 99.35% of the land available for joint development, leaving 0.65% for joint investment through open contract. He said that the construction of 16 blocks of buildings with 2,200 units for sale and occupancy by private owners represented a distortion of the balance between public and private interests in the area and constituted ‘black box’ or concealed operations by the government.

Ma noted that the Control Yuan has very serious doubts about the legality of Taipei City officials’ claims that joint development projects should not be included in the building coverage ratio.

Li Fu-tien added that the lands were originally reserved for uses related to public transit and not for private property. He said that using the joint development approach to acquire and sell land and housing contravened the Constitution’s provisions for protect the people's property rights. He said the Control Yuan cannot accept the ruling of the MOI under Minister Li Hong-yuan that there was “no problem" with the case and will request an interpretation by the Council of Grand Justices to resolve the contradictions between the two decisions.

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