Ma to consult Wang Jin-pyng on Control Yuan nominees
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-10 11:14 AM
The KMT is scrambling to re-examine the list of nominees for the next Control Yuan after the DPP scuttled efforts to push approval through the Legislative Yuan last week. The KMT Legislative Yuan will meet in the offices of the KMT Central Committee on July 13 and 20 to meet all of the nominees face to face and one at a time, starting with the nominees for President and Vice president, Chang Po-ya and Sun Ta-chuan, then following up with the remaining 27 candidates.

In addition, Ma Ying-jeou has scheduled a tea reception with the heads of all five branches of the government at the Presidential Palace at noon on Thursday, with Speaker of the Legislative Yuan Wang Jin-pyng also be on hand. Political observers have speculated that the flare-up between Ma and Wang last September may have been a factor in the failure of the Legislative Yuan to approve the list of Control Yuan nominees, and the noontime meeting comes at a particularly sensitive point in time.

The Legislative Yuan just finished a first special session and a second special session is slated to begin July 28, and many legislators have already made plans to take advantage of the short break to spend time with their families or travel abroad on fact-finding trips. Several have grumbled privately about being called back to discuss the Control Yuan list, with one asking, "Why call a hearing now, isn’t it a bit late for that?"

The order to appear for the meeting reportedly did not mention previous instructions stipulating that all nominees must be approved, possibly an acknowledgement of a rift in the party. That could mean that some of the names on the list may be dropped and substituted.

KMT caucus Secretary-general Wang Ting-sheng said the caucus will adopt a very strict attitude for the two meetings, but hopefully that will not result in the dropping of some good names on the list. He said that having all 29 of the nominees appear will ensure that all have a fair chance and should also help the caucus to reach a consensus on who should be on the list. He added that a monitor will oversee the casting of ballots when the time to vote on the list comes, but the party will not order members of the caucus to show their marked ballots.

If the Control Yuan list is not approved during the second special session starting July 28, legislators could face the prospect of a third special session to ensure that the nominees can be approved and the docket can be cleared for budget discussions and other major bills before the start of the regular legislative session in September.

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