United Daily News: Student activists working for opposition
Central News Agency
2014-07-10 11:37 AM
A youth advisory group set up recently by the Cabinet has invited much disdain from key members of the student-led Sunflower Movement. At the same time, several student and social activists with close links to the Sunflower Movement have been recruited by the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to head the party's youth and social development departments. The Sunflower members, however, have not shown any disapproval of their comrades' decisions to work for the DPP. This double standard is worth examining. Over the past year, various youth and social movements have emerged in Taiwan under the banner of "civic awakening." The latest development demonstrates that the so-called "civic awakening" and "non-partisanship" are likely manipulated by certain political parties to serve their own interests. As a matter of fact, the DPP has maintained close collaboration with student protesters of the Sunflower Movement since they occupied the Legislative Yuan in March, even though the party was seemingly kept at a distance by the protesters at the time. In other words, whether these young activists later opted to enter the party or remain on the streets, they hold similar ideology and political stance. While loudly advocating the idea of "freeing schools from political influence" on the one hand, the DPP is using student and social movements to recruit new members on the other, which is an obvious lack of honesty. If the students claim to represent citizens but in reality are serving specific political ideologies, they are either playing political tricks or allowing themselves to become political pawns. (Editorial abstract -- July 10, 2014) (By Y.F. Low)
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