DPP attacks links Control Yuan nominee with president
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-12 04:41 PM
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The day after Control Yuan nominee Hsu Kuo-wen announced his withdrawal from the process, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party kept up its attacks on his links with President Ma Ying-jeou Saturday.

The Yilan County physician was one of several people on the list of 29 presidential nominees who had come under fire. On July 4, the Legislative Yuan failed to hold a vote because of a DPP boycott. As a result, the ruling Kuomintang wants to open a second special legislative session on July 28 to approve a new Control Yuan before the August 1 deadline.

DPP lawmaker Tuan Yi-kang said in an online statement Saturday that Ma could be described as Hsu’s partner because the two maintained a close relationship.

The controversial Honeymoon Bay beach resort development project was the work of the Lo-Hsu Construction Company and of Poh-Ai Enterprises, both registered at the same address as the Lo-Hsu Foundation which Hsu chairs, Tuan wrote.

In addition, the Lotung Poh-Ai Hospital, which was also run by the former nominee’s foundation, had as its vice chairman the husband of this year’s KMT candidate for Yilan County magistrate, Chiou Shu-ti, according to the lawmaker.

In other words, the woman who represented the KMT in the November 29 county magistrate election, was the wife of an employee of the man nominated for membership of the Control Yuan, Tuan said.

The opposition legislator also repeated accusations that two close aides of Ma, National Security Council Secretary-General King Pu-tsung and former Central News Agency President Lo Chih-cheng, were members of the board at the Lo-Hsu Foundation. King resigned when he took up government office.

Tuan pointed out that both Lo and Chiou served in Ma’s city government when he was mayor of Taipei City. Lo spent time as the city government spokesman, while Chiou headed the health department.

The DPP lawmaker was one of several critics of Hsu’s nomination, depicting it as a form of thanks for the Yilan physician’s services to the KMT.

In the statement announcing his withdrawal Friday, Hsu said that he had been facing grave accusations directed against his person and against his family’s businesses. He was certain he could give satisfactory answers to all questions, but it would take too much time, Hsu said, therefore he had decided not to stay on as a nominee.

Since his impartiality had been questioned, it would be impossible for him to work like a normal member of the Control Yuan should, Hsu said. Critics had questioned his ability to remain impartial while investigating government bodies that might have links with his hospital or other related companies.

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