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2014-07-13 12:42 PM



SAN JOSE LAS FLORES, Guatemala -- A 15-year-old Guatemalan boy whose death became a symbol of the perils facing children attempting to illegally cross into the United States is buried in his hometown, amid prayers and tears from his family. By Sonia Perez D. AP Photos.


LOS ANGELES -- Adolescent girls in braids and pigtails and teenage boys wearing jeans and sneakers sit alongside their parents in a courtroom to hear how long they might be allowed to stay in the United States. The judge grabs four thick books and drops each one on his desk with a thud, warning the families in his Los Angeles courtroom about the thousands of pages of immigration laws and interpretations that could affect their cases and urging them to get a lawyer. By Amy Taxin. AP Photos


ORANJESTAD, Aruba -- Aruba's prime minister and several legislators have launched a hunger strike to protest what they say is meddling by the Dutch government in local financial affairs. By Dilma Arends.


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Russian President Vladimir Putin sign agreements on nuclear energy generation with Argentina as part of a Latin American tour aimed at building Russia's influence in the region. By Luis Andres Henao and Debora Rey. AP Photos.


RIO DE JANEIRO -- Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will be at the World Cup final Sunday along with Russian President Vladimir Putin, raising the possibility of talks on the continuing conflict in Ukraine. By Bradley Brooks. AP Photo.


NASHVILLE, Tennessee -- New signs emerge of an evolution among Republican governors on gay marriage, an explosive social issue that has divided American families and politics for years. While the Republican Party's religious conservatives continue to fight against same-sex marriage, its governors appear to be backing off their opposition-- in their rhetoric, at least. By Steve Peoples and Erik Schelzig. AP Photos


RALEIGH, North Carolina -- Democrats have long claimed that Republicans abused their legislative powers to elect a disproportionate number of U.S. House members. Now a Florida court is lending credence to their complaint. The full impact of the Florida ruling -- plus a similar lawsuit pending in North Carolina -- won't be known for some while. For now, at least, they shine light on the fiercely partisan practice known as gerrymandering, in which state officials draw congressional districts to help their party. By Charles Babington. AP Photos


WASHINGTON -- Welcome to Barack Obama's split-screen presidency. On one side: a confident Obama making campaign-style stops around the country and ridiculing his political opponents to the delight of cheering supporters. On the other side: an increasingly unpopular president hobbled by gridlock on Capitol Hill and a stream of vexing foreign policy crises. By Julie Pace. AP Photos


Look! Up in the sky! It's supermoon! Because our celestial neighbor is relatively close to Earth, these full moons will appear to be unusually large. That distance varies because the moon follows an elliptical orbit. When it's close and full, it appears bigger and brighter than normal, although the difference can be hard to detect. By The Associated Press. AP Photos


SOUTHAMPTON, New York -- This is a town where people are so rich that a $2 million home can be badly in need of renovation. A town where the thrift shop is stocked with donations of designer dresses and handbags. But Southampton, with its privet hedges, pristine beaches and some estates costing tens of millions, also is where 40 percent of children get free or reduced school lunches, where a food pantry serves up to 400 clients a month. By Frank Eltman. AP Photos



RIO DE JANEIRO -- Brazilians already downhearted at missing out on reaching the World Cup final watch in dismay as their national team loses to the Netherlands 3-0 in the third-place match. By Jenny Barchfield and Adriana Gomez Licon. AP Photos


IRAJA, Brazil -- The protesters who many feared would wreck Brazil's World Cup party failed to show up. While the national team fell short of claiming the coveted championship, the country can say the tournament that wraps up with Sunday's final went off with only scattered demonstrations. Yet Brazilians still seethe with anger over the billions spent to put on the event while they put up with poor public services. By Jenny Barchfield. AP Photos.



BEVERLY HILLS, California -- Members of Michael Jackson's extended family are stepping out of what they call "the Jackson bubble" for a reality show. The six-episode show, debuting Nov. 18 on Reelz, focuses on Alejandra Jackson, the ex-wife of Michael's brother Jermaine, and her five children. After Michael's death five years ago, they left the Jackson family home in suburban Encino, a move that a clip from the show suggests wasn't their idea. AP Photos.

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