Kuo Kun-ying job offer put on hold
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-14 03:40 PM
The Control Yuan has issued a correction to the Taiwan Provincial Government’s (TPG) decision on a position for Kuo Kuan-ying, a former First-class Secretary for the now-dissolved Government Information Office. Kuo was offered a job in the TPG in Nantou County even though he is approaching retirement age, qualifying him to receive a comfortable monthly pension when he leaves the post, and drawing a raft of criticism from various sectors as an act of political patronage.

TPG Chairman Lin Cheng-tse said Saturday evening that the TPG will review Kuo’s application for retirement case and deliver a response to the Control Yuan as quickly as possible. He added that the provincial government will not put Kuo’s pension into effect until the reply to the Control Yuan is delivered.

Wu Cheng-chung, the Minister of the Civil Service, told the TSU legislative caucus in a Sunday briefing said that under the provisions of the Civil Service Retirement Act there are set requirements for service for civil servants before they retire, noting that there are some questions about the legality of Kuo’s new position and his application for a pension. He stressed that the Ministry of Civil Service will not sign off on the Kuo retirement case until the dispute over the legality of his job has been settled.

Lin noted that the Control Yuan spent more than a month investigating the Kuo case, and the provincial government will need some time to review the relevant information and reply to the Control Yuan. He said that the law requires a response within two months, but the TPG will strive to deliver a reply as soon as possible. Meanwhile action on Kuo’s application for a pension will be suspended.

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