Ko leads Lien by 7 percent in new poll
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-15 03:45 PM
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Opposition Taipei City mayoral candidate Ko Wen-je led Kuomintang rival Sean Lien by more than 7 percent, the Chinese-language China Times wrote Tuesday.

Lien still had a slight advantage when respondents were asked who was the more likely to be elected, but that was because he had more money, said former Premier Frank Hsieh.

Support for Ko, who has the backing of the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party, stood at 38.6 percent, while Lien could count on 30.9 percent of voters, according to the opinion poll conducted by Apollo Survey and Research Co., Ltd., a company affiliated with the Want Want China Times Group.

Former DPP lawmaker Shen Fu-hsiung, who runs as an independent, received 10 percent, with 9.2 percent still undecided and 11.4 percent offering no opinion.

When asked who was the candidate most likely to win the November 29 election, Lien came out slightly ahead at 33.7 percent, with Ko following at 32.8 percent and Shen far behind at 2.4 percent.

The poll found overwhelming support from younger voters for Ko, 55, at a level more than double the support for Lien, 44. The opposition candidate would receive 58.1 percent of votes in the age range from 20 to 29, while Lien could only count on 22.6 percent of those votes, the Apollo survey found.

In the 50-to-59 range, Lien won by 38.9 percent to 27.2 percent, according to the opinion poll. Voters over the age of 60 were about evenly divided with more than 30 percent for each candidate.

Ko did well with middle-of-the-road and independent voters, winning 38.1 percent of their support compared to 21.3 percent for Lien. The KMT candidate received the support of 64.6 percent of his own party’s rank and file, while 86.8 percent of DPP supporters backed Ko.

The poll found that 73 percent of respondents would go and cast a ballot on November 29, while 9.9 percent said they were certain they would not take part.

The poll was conducted by phone July 4-6, with 879 valid responses and a margin of error of 3.3 percent, Apollo said.

Asked about Lien’s higher likelihood of winning the election, Hsieh, a senior member of the DPP, said the figure could be explained by the “influence of money,” a reference to Lien’s background as a member of a wealthy family with wide-ranging political and business connections.

Ko said his support came from the fact that Taipei citizens were tired of ideological disputes and wanted more solutions to practical problems. As an example, he mentioned his proposals for more nannies and kindergartens closer to the parents.

Both Ko and Hsieh played down the fact that the opposition candidate’s lead had shrunk from 20 percent in a survey published by the Chinese-language Liberty Times two weeks ago. Ups and downs were unavoidable in opinion polls, especially if they were conducted by different organizations, but the only valid poll was the one on election day, Hsieh said.

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