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Greens encourage youth to get involved in politics
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-16 01:45 PM
On Wednesday DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen unveiled a couple of new activities designed to attract and hold a greater number of youthful citizens to politics and to the DPP. Dubbed "Grassroots Democracy" and "Youth Parliament", the programs are aimed at attracting badly needed new blood to the ranks of party members in order to provide more support for the party and win more votes in elections. The DPP will provide instruction in campaign consultation, visual design and web promotion, and non-party personnel are also encouraged to help out. Youthful participants will gain experience by developing materials that will be judged by a panel of party members. In addition, the DPP will also organize six youth councils and organize face-to-face meetings with DPP candidates to discuss public policy issues, and a complete report on lessons gained through the activities will be presented to the party Central Standing Committee.

Tsai notes that today’s generation of young people has one very important trait. When a small group of youths get together, one or two persons almost invariably step up to act as opinion molders and leaders. They help guide the whole group in holding discussions, making decisions and taking collective action. Tsai stressed that the programs are not meant to grab young people into the party or pat them on the head when they do something right. Rather, it is to give youth a chance to exchange views with each other and with the party and to help them form educated opinions on relevant issues of today.

Party spokesman Fu Wei-che adds that the young minds may also produce new insights and new ideas that can be incorporated into party policies.

The first forum in the program will be held July 26 in Taichung, with Taichung City mayoral candidate Lin Chia-lung overseeing the action. After that, other similar event will take place every other weekend in six different places around the island. Fu stresses that the forums are not one-time events; they will be at the core of a long-term communication platform aimed at the youth of Taiwan.

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