Ma lauds Tax Administration’s success in moving tax operations online
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-16 05:34 PM
For once President Ma Ying-jeou had a bit of good news to pass on to the public about opinion polls. Ma was relaxed as he listened to a report from Minister of Finance Chang Sheng-ford to the KMT Central Standing Committee Wednesday. Chang’s report noted that a poll of citizens regarding the ministry’s work in putting many of its tax-related services online brought a satisfaction level of 98% from respondents in a recent survey.

Ma was effusive in his praise of the ministry and the officials, technocrats and clerks who handle the job of collecting, reporting and verifying tax transactions each year. Ma emphasized that it is extremely rare for any government agency to achieve a level of satisfaction of more than 90%, much less a figure only two points short of acing the survey.

Adding to the impact of the high rating was the fact that digitizing the reporting and payment of taxes often results in substantial savings of time and trouble for many companies and individuals.

Ma noted that there has been a lot of good news coming out of the Ministry of Finance lattely regarding the nation’s taxes. He recalled that when he first took office in 2008 taxes were on the rise, and many people have been hard hit since then by various events including financial crises and the European debt crisis. For a long time, he said, the financial situation of the country was nothing to brag about. Finally, however, with the start of this year the economic and financial situation has begun to show some improvement. Moreover, recently economic forecasts have indicated that the economic growth seen so far this year is likely to continue and even improve.

Ma stressed, however, that the nation cannot afford to be complacent in its efforts to improve the economic situation. At the same time it is essential to look for major trading partners who are willing to sign economic cooperation agreements with Taiwan on either a one-to-one or regional integrated basis. These kinds of alliances, said Ma, are very useful goals for the nation.

Ma added that he hopes the nation’s ruling and opposition parties will be able to read the minds of the people and develop major policies that will guide Taiwan toward the future. With the right policies in place, he said, everyone can work together and push forward.

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