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Ko Wen-je backs Tsai on independence while pushing for more Blue-Green cooperation
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-21 03:43 PM
Ko Wen-je, the consolidated opposition candidate for Taipei City mayor, took KMT candidate Sean Lien to task Monday for his criticism of DPP party chair Tsai Ing-wen’s remark that young people have a natural affinity for independence. Tsai’s comment came in the midst of a speech touching on the issue of Taiwan Independence at the DPP national convention in Taipei on Sunday, and led Lien to respond that he had never seen “this kind of people.”

Ko Wen-je remarked that he was not surprised by Lien’s comment, noting that the people Lien runs around with are not the same as the people “most of us” run around with. Ko said he did not want to start a war of words with Lien, advising people just to think about what kind of people drink a bottle of NT$40,000 wine. "I have never tasted a bottle of NT$40,000 wine," he added, just to make sure he got his point across.

Ko was also unhappy with Sean Lien’s claim that Ko is basically dark Green in his political beliefs and that if the opposition alliance – which Lien termed "a group of people cooperating to serve their short-term interests” – were to win the Taipei mayor’s election it would be the beginning of a disaster. Ko said that Lien was trapped in the old Blue versus Green mindset that has paralyzed so much of political progress In Taiwan for too many years. This, said Ko, is the true disaster in Taiwan politics.

Ko went on to say that the "opposition Grand Alliance" is the most significant developments in this campaign. In contrast, he said, Sean Lien persists in the old ways of conflict and strife and cannot comprehend that Blue-Green cooperation can function to enable the public to live better, happier lives. Lien doesn’t have a clue, said Ko, as to why Ko Wen-je and Yao Li-ming able to cooperate with each other.

Ko said he looked past the labels of Blue and Green in appointing Yao as his campaign manager. He pointed out that Yao admitted to an interviewer that he and Ko have different viewpoints on many subjects. "Maybe he likes to eat beef, I like to eat chicken," said Yao, but the two men also share beliefs in many areas, and they can communicate with each other on issues like social welfare, housing and other urban problems.

Ko said his campaign will continue to push the idea of cooperation in coming months. Again quoting a comment by Yao, Ko said, "Maybe Sean Lien asks everyone he runs into if they are Blue or Green, but we don’t."

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