Shen Fu-hsiung relates offer of backing from “powerful” man
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-24 04:03 PM
Shen Fu-hsiung, who is running for mayor of Taipei City as an independent, admitted for the first time Wednesday that he had misgauged the feelings of Taipei citizens. He said he had "overestimated his own potential" among the city’s voters, noting that the fact that only 10% of those polled in early survey support him shows that voters in the city are in a "lethargic kind of living-dead "state.

On Thursday, however, Shen went to his Facebook page to disclose that he had received a phone call from a "powerful man who is open to candidates of either the Blue or Green camp.” Shen said the unnamed caller is willing to contribute money to his campaign simply because he could not stand to see the Taipei mayor’s office occupied by either of the other two men in the race.

Shen said that a lot of people hold the view as the caller, and added that he himself knows the other two candidates inside and out.

Shen explained that the "powerful person" told him that he knew Sean Lien, mainly through his dealings in Shanghai and China. The caller said he is also familiar with Ko through his work at NTU Hospital, having known him for nearly three decades. And after an objective comparison of the three candidates in the race, said the “powerful man,” he had decided to offer his support to Shen.

Shen concluded his Facebook posting by saying that his biggest challenge is the voters who reluctantly but inevitably cast their ballot for “one of their own,” meaning a candidate from their own party. He failed to mention whether the call from this unnamed “powerful man” will spur him to continue his campaign to the end.

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