Wang Jin-pyng: Defer to Ma Ying-jeou on remaining Control Yuan slots
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-07-31 02:51 PM
After a round of voting in the Legislative Yuan that saw the incoming president of the Control Yuan approved by the margin of a single vote and 11 of 27 nominees rejected – with some KMT legislators reportedly egged on to vote them down by DPP caucus leader Ker Chien-ming – the next move in topping up the membership is up to President Ma Ying-jeou.

DPP chair Tsai Ing-wen has said Ma is incapable of putting together a list of nominees that are suited for the job and the matter should simply be shelved until after the 2016 elections when a new president will be sworn in. Meanwhile many legislators have said they have more pressing business to look after in the current Second Special Session, and the process should be deferred at least until the regular legislative session in September.

Other legislators have urged President Ma and Legislative speaker Wang Jin-pyng to maintain closer communication to ensure that a list of nominees for the remaining places in the Control Yuan can be submitted that will be acceptable to a majority in the Legislative Yuan. On Wednesday Wang was more agreeable than most other figures in the legislative body, saying that submitting a new list of 11 nominees is the prerogative of the president and he will respect whatever action Ma decides to take to resolve the issue.

Wang told reporters, "The matter of submitting nominees for the Control Yuan is the duty of the president. 11 more members need to be approved, and the president will review the whole situation and make a final decision on what to do. And of course we will respect his decision on the matter."

Wang said that right now the most important thing is to see that the new Control Yuan will be able to start functioning as of August 1. He reasoned that being short a few names of the full membership should not be a serious problem, at least for a while. He said the nomination process can wait for now, and expressed confidence that eventually a solution will be found.

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