LCY says CPC responsible for pipes suspected in Kaohsiung leak
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-03 08:53 PM
The deputy General Manager of LCY Chemical Corporation, which is at the focus of attention in the investigation of the series of blasts that killed 28 and injured more than 300 in Kaohsiung Thursday, has claimed that the pipeline in question was the responsibility of China Petroleum Company (CPC).

Chiu Yuan-yuan said in a press conference Sunday at the Taiwan Stock Exchange that the pipeline was designed by CPC, which was also responsible for performing regular checks on the pipeline.

Chiu was speaking in order to explain the actions of LCY chairman Lee Bo-wei in bowing and apologizing to the public at a press conference held earlier in the day. A statement released by Chiu in her press conference said that Lee’s apology was an expression of regret for the pains and suffering of the victims and the inured and their families, and was “absolutely not an admission that the pipelines which caused the disaster have anything to do with LCY.”

Chiu added that LCY is not trying to avoid responsibility in the incident but is rather simply pointing out the facts in the incident.

A spokesman for CPC disputed Chiu’s remarks later in the day. Chang Jui-tsung said that CPC does not have a maintenance contract for the pipelines used by LCY to transport propylene. He added that the pipeline and the right to use it belong to LCY.

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