United Daily News: Something sadder than Kaohsiung explosions
Central News Agency
2014-08-05 11:06 AM
A legislative meeting scheduled for Monday to review a draft law on the free economic pilot zone project was postponed by lawmakers, who argued that the Legislative Yuan should give priority to the rescue and relief efforts in the wake of the gas explosions in Kaohsiung. But in comparison, other progressive democracies would in similar circumstances see lawmakers observe a moment of silence before doing the work they are responsible for doing. Carrying out one's assigned duties is the norm in any institutionalized nation. The Legislature is in some ways an even worse disaster area than Kaohsiung. Many important economic bills come there just to be stalled by legislative inaction. While the legislative branch should be about establishing laws, Taiwan's lawmakers prefer instead to make trouble and meddle in issues that are not their business. As the current economic crisis facing Taiwan continues to worsen, it poses an even bigger long-term problem for Taiwan than the explosions in Kaohsiung. Just as South Korea is speeding up its efforts to sign a free trade agreement with China by the end of this year, Taiwan's industries are fast losing their competitiveness. Through investigations conducted over the past several days, the cause and responsibility of the explosions are gradually becoming clear, and the necessary compensation and reconstruction are being handled step-by-step. By comparison, the lazy, politically motivated and hypocritical Legislature has created its own disaster a thousand times worse for Taiwan's economy and democracy. Such a Legislature is out of touch with public opinion and the country's destiny and can only be called cold-blooded. (Editorial abstract -- Aug. 5, 2014) (By Y.F. Low)
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