Lee Bo-wei encounters jeers, water bottles at ceremony for victims
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-07 05:11 PM
The somber scene at a ceremony for victims in the Kaohsiung gas explosion last week was marked by flashes of anger when Lee Bo-wei, chairman of LCY Chemical, showed up with a group of company employees to burn incense Thursday afternoon.

The ceremony involved was the "first seven," the first of seven weekly ceremonies for the dead in Buddhist tradition. Lee and his associates showed up at the funeral home at almost 3:00 in the afternoon and knelt before portraits of the victims to show their condolences for them and their families.

A number of family members took offense at the presence of employees of the chemical company, which is being investigated for suspected failure to maintain a transmission pipeline for propylene. Some hurled complaints that the LCY group was intruding on their privacy while a few hurled plastic bottles of water at the chairman and his contingent. Angered family members who appeared ready to rush the group were held back by others there for the ceremony.

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu had arrived at the funeral home much earlier in the day at about 7:30am to pay her respect to the victims and their families. She told people on the scene that "the City Council and the families of the victims stand together" before leaving the site.

For Lee and his associates the atmosphere was too tense to stay for long, and once they had paid tribute to the victims by burning incense they were off to help with relief work and assist in investigating the causes of the explosions.

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