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Ranting bus passenger apologizes to bus driver amid public outcry
Central News Agency
2014-08-08 07:08 PM
Taipei, Aug. 8 (CNA) A Taiwanese American man who recently threw a tantrum on a bus and burst out with an expletive-laden tirade for several minutes against the driver made an open apology to the driver and asked for forgiveness Friday. Jackson Chu called the Taoyuan Bus Co. to say that he wished to apologize to the driver, Chen Chin-chi, in private, a request that was rejected outright by the company. The company insisted that Chu instead make an open apology at a police station, so he presented himself at a police station later that day, where he read a statement in poor Mandarin Chinese interspersed with English. He said it was not right for him to have used bad language and that he was "impolite," and he apologized to Chen and the passengers on the bus. Chu also asked for Chen's forgiveness and expressed hope that he can continue to ride on his bus. He and Chen then shook hands and hugged each other, with Chen saying that he forgave Chu and welcomes him to use his bus again. "We are a happy country, he is our guest and we welcome him to take our bus. He has said sorry and that will do," Chen said, adding that he did not want a minor dispute to turn into a big confrontation. Chen said that although he did not understand all of Chu's Chinese, he could feel his sincerity. The bus company, which had earlier decided to file a lawsuit against Chu, said the incident "has come to a happy conclusion" and that it would drop the lawsuit. The incident angered the other bus passengers, as well as many netizens, after a video of Chu going ballistic on the bus, using vile language and very threatening and intimidating body language, was posted online -- all because he was late in pressing the stop button and the driver went past Chu's stop. Chu, who defended his outburst as "protecting" his pregnant wife, later threatened to sue the college student who posted the video online, but later decided not to do so. (By Bien Chin-fong and Lilian Wu)
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