Kaohsiung seeking operators, contents of buried pipelines
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-10 05:28 PM
Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu has ordered a complete inventory of buried transmission lines for petroleum products and other materials as well as a detailed look at the city's drainage system and how the two networks interact. Mayor Chen told the Water Resources Bureau (WRB), the Economic Development Bureau and the Public Works Bureau to provide full information on the routes of pipelines and culverts under the city within 24 hours to detect any and all pipelines that may be suspended in culverts and other parts of the municipal drainage system. She said that any company not reporting a pipeline before the deadline will be ordered to shut down all transmissions through the line.

One report says that government officials have identified a culvert on Feng Yan Road that contains 16 different pipelines. The government order called for owners to notify relevant bureaus of their pipelines throughout the city by 2:00pm Sunday afternoon, but by noon on Sunday the owners of 13 of the pipelines in that one location had not yet been confirmed.

Asked what the city would do if it finds pipelines that no one claims, an official of the WRB said that it would follow the line back to find a shut-off valve and close off the line completely. It would then ensure that the line in question was completely free of any kind of chemical substances so it will not represent a danger to anyone on the area. Officials did not respond to questions about what they would do if they were unable to find a shut-off valve.

The Kaohsiung Disaster Response Center said two reports of suspected leaks in the Er-sheng Road area have been received. Director Lee Yin-yee of the WRB says that investigators are following up on the reports and will act in accordance with government regulations in checking and reporting on all leaks in the system.

A spokesperson for CNPC said Saturday that the company does have a pipeline near the Feng Yan Road culvert, but it is buried 1.5 meters under the ground and could not possibly intercept any culverts in the area.

CPC says it does not have any facilities in the Da-she area of Kaohsiung and has not laid down any pipelines in that section of the city. Thus it does not have any lines in the vicinity of Feng Yan Road.

Lee Yin-yee confirmed reports regarding the Feng Yan Road drainage culvert where 16 suspended pipelines were discovered. He said the WRB is seeking information on the pipeline owners and operators but was unable to confirm the results as of noon Sunday. He added that the bureau will let the public know any information related to the pipeline as it becomes available.

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