United Daily News: Why KMT morale is so low
Central News Agency
2014-08-11 11:23 AM
Amid the blame game between political parties over the deadly explosions in Kaohsiung, Economics Minister Chang Chia-juch announced his resignation last Thursday, becoming the fifth Cabinet member to step down in the last three months. Commenting on Chang's resignation, former Culture Minister Emile Sheng said with sympathy that officials in the administration of President Ma Ying-jeou are often humiliated by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led opposition without any support from the ruling party. The tactic used by the DPP against Chang is not new. Whatever the issue, the first step taken by the DPP is always teaming up to bombard the Kuomintang in one unified voice without regard for right and wrong, pushing public opinion in its favor and taking rivals off guard. By comparison, the KMT appears weak and powerless in the face of such overwhelming attacks. Most KMT lawmakers simply look on coldly from the sidelines. The KMT's disorganization, disunion and passivity can be attributed to several factors. The officials of the Ma administration are mostly scholars and technocrats who tend to have low resistance against stress and a poor ability to be cohesive. Failure to recruit elected officials into the executive branch has led to a poor connection between the administration and the ruling party and detachment from public opinion. Furthermore, Ma's discord with Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng and his estrangement from legislators has resulted in difficulty in commanding his own party's lawmakers. Returning to power in 2008 after an eight-year "desinicization" process by the DPP, the KMT has not been able to formulate a policy line that can rebuild cohesion within its ranks. Though it styles itself as the century-old party that founded modern China, the KMT cannot even find the confidence to speak aloud in defense of the Republic of China Constitution during political debates. For a party that has lost even its central ideology, what can it do to unite itself? (Editorial abstract -- Aug. 11, 2014) (By Y.F. Low)
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