KMT caucus: No third special legislative session
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-12 03:22 PM
KMT legislative caucus secretary Alex Fai said Tuesday that the caucus has decided not to hold a third special legislative session this year. Fai said bills on regulations governing Free Economic Pilot Zones (FEPZs) and the Cross-strait Services Trade Agreement (CSSTA) will be given priority in arranging the agenda for the next regularly scheduled session of the legislative body.

Legislators have launched two special sessions already, but little has been accomplished as the Green Camp continues to engage in tactics like occupying the podium and boycotting meetings. As a result only a handful of bills have been passed and there has been little significant discussion and no progress on the FEPZ and CSSTA bills.

KMT caucus chief and deputy secretary-general Liao Kuo-tung said that if there is a way to "open the door" and establish trust between the ruling and opposition parties, there is no limit to what can be done in the Legislative Yuan. Unfortunately, however, very little has been accomplished during the two special sessions other than to leave legislators tired and worn out and ready to go abroad to rest and gain back their energy.

Caucus secretary Fai says that as things now stand the caucus no longer holds out any hope that another special session will be held. He said ruling party legislators will be ready to take up the FEPZ and CSSTA bills with the opening of the full legislative session in September. After they have been acted on, he said, legislators can then turn to other business like the Cross-strait Goods Service Agreement (CSGSA.)

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