Corporate spying investigated at MediaTek
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-12 08:05 PM
The Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into reports of corporate spying at high-tech chip maker MediaTek. After gathering preliminary evidence the bureau called in ten employees and engineers from the firm for questioning, including one man surnamed Tseng from a Hong Kong company.

A spokesperson for the bureau said that its North Station sent more than 50 officers to check out the situation in MediaTek’s Taoyuan and Hsinchu facilities in relation to charges of stealing trade secrets. Those interviewed included one from Hsinze Digital Corporation of Hong Kong who recently left the company. The employees will be called in for further questioning at the Hsinchu District Prosecutors Office sometime later.

The bureau notes that MediaTek was the subject of similar investigations at the end of last year after a former general manager surnamed Yuan left the company’s mobile phone chip business unit. Yuan was suspected of colluding with senior engineers in the firm with the intention of taking trade secrets to Hsinze Digital.

The mobile phone chip market is marked by rapid turnover in products and technology, and manufacturers must work constantly to keep up with other competitors. This calls for significant expenditures on research and development and a team of high-quality talents who are willing to work hard. Taiwan has consistently been a leader in this sector of the market and is justifiably proud of its ‘soft power’ in the world market.

MediaTek has been consistently ranked among the top three in chip development, but in recent years China has spent heavily to develop its capabilities in chip development and production . Many companies are not above poaching talent as an easy shortcut to developing new technology, and the theft of leading-edge technology could deal a harsh blow to MediaTek’s corporate interests if the reports of spying are true.

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