Intel 14nm process delay grants TSMC reprieve
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-13 11:07 AM

Global processor leader announced the design details of the company’s Core M processor manufactured using the latest 14nm process. However, progress on this progress has fallen behind schedule by six months. The semiconductor industry believes, this significant delay greatly reduces the threat posed by Intel to TSMC (2330) orders.

TSMC reiterated Tuesday, the company’s 16nm FinFET+ is far more competitive than Intel’s 14 nm process and competitors pose no threat as yet to TSMC.

Core M is Intel’s first 14 nm process processor based on the Broadwell platform architecture, designed primarily for tablets thinner than 9mm not requiring fan cooling.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich once boasted, tablet process shipments this year will reach 40 million units. Intel emphasized that this new processes possesses graphics performance seven times faster than the last generation and can extend battery performance 200% even with smaller batteries.

Intel hopes to bring its new Core M processor to market by the year-end holiday season to mitigate the failures Intel has experienced in the tablet market.

Institutional investors believe that, by pushing back the release of the Core M processor more than six months, Intel is giving TSMC a lot of breathing room to catch up in terms of process. This also lowers the chances of Intel’s 14nm process erode TSMC customers.

TSMC emphasized, the company is not concern that competitors will overly threaten its 16nm process. According to reports, other than Alterra and Panasonic, not many companies have announced utilization of Intel’s processor.

Actually it has been Samsung that has obtained orders from TSMC customer Qualcomm by passing over 20nm to focus directly on the 14nm process. However, TSMC is confident in its ability to reclaim market share in 2016 and widen the gap between the company and its two main competitors in terms of the 10nm process.

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