Chang Hsien-yao warns of “21st Century White Terror”
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-21 06:06 PM
Former vice chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chang Hsien-yao called a news conference Thursday afternoon to defend himself against stories circulating in the media that he is being investigated for leaking state secrets during his service at MAC. Chang repeated his earlier claims that the charges supposedly being prepared against him are “cooked up” by his superiors in the government, a practice he called a resurgence of “21st century white terror.”

Chang criticized what he called the harassment of upright individuals in the government by a small number of ruthless persecutors. He noted that Taiwan is a democratic country under the rule of law, and he finds it hard to believe that the Investigation Bureau can be totally manipulated by a handful of people. He added that it is not so easy to control prosecutors and the courts, however, and he is confident that in the end he will be able to prove his innocence and loyalty.

Chang stressed that in the past when something has been entrusted to him there has been complete accountability and he can prove his innocence regarding state secrets. He added that he is obliged to speak up against such talk, and if he has information related to any charges he will take the initiative to let the truth be known. He said he is ready at any time to cooperate with investigators.

In a prepared statement Chang asked how cross-strait communication and negotiation can go on when people like him are being dismissed from office. He warned that the first victim will be mutual trust between the two sides of the strait. If negotiators are painted as spies, he said, cross-strait relations will be chilled to the freezing point.

Chang lamented the fact that cross-strait negotiations could be imperiled by the rough actions of just a few people and hinted that he does not believe he is the only person being investigated. He averred that he has been honored to have the chance to serve the president and said that if the president has been deceived in this incident he must take care to protect himself.

Chang stressed that he is proclaiming the truth to the world, but still, he is just one pawn following orders. Cross-strait peace is essential for Taiwan to develop and survive, he said, and it is chilling to think that just a few people can manage to raise dark clouds over Taiwan.

To the prosecutors investigating him, Chang said, “Do not come to me, I will find you. It is necessary to restore the truth, and I will take the initiative to find prosecutors to clarify the truth. I will work with the prosecutors investigating this case at any time.”

One of the latest stories in the rumor mill over Chang’s dismissal is that he was too quick to disclose Taiwan’s position regarding the possibility of a meeting between Ma Ying-jeou and Chinese President Xi Jinping during the APEC leaders meeting in Beijing in November. Some sources have said that Taiwan’s “bottom line” in the proposal was broached too soon, leading to a rejection by the Chinese side.

As late as the end of July Premier Jiang Yi-huah told a reporter from the BBC Chinese language service that Taiwan was still working to arrange for a “Ma-Xi meeting” during the APEC conference.

As the host country for this year’s Leaders Summit China is expected to send out informal invitations to the leaders of the various APEC countries in late August or early September. A deputy from China’s Taiwan Affairs Office is expected to deliver an invitation to Taiwan at that time, when it should become known whether Ma Ying-jeou will have a chance to attend.

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