Taipei Mayoral candidate Ko Wen-je to perform surgery
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-24 03:16 PM
Chen Pei-chi, wife of consolidated independent Taipei mayoral candidate Ko Wen-Je, who is widely known as the head of the trauma department at National Taiwan University (NTU) Hospital, went to Facebook Sunday to announce that her husband will wield a scalpel as a surgeon at Far East Memorial Hospital sometime in the near future.

Ko was criticized by KMT Legislator Luo Shu-lei recently as “the only surgeon at NTU Hospital who does not perform surgery.” That charge will soon be laid to rest when Ko steps into the Operating Room at FEMH. Chu Shu-hsun, director of FEMS, points out that Ko went through three years of surgical training and is eminently qualified to act as surgeon.

Ko’s wife, who herself is a nurse, notes that she herself once assisted her husband in an appendectomy. She recalls a weekend when Ko was a surgical resident in the Tzu Chi Hospital emergency room when a patient was brought in around noon suffering from severe abdominal pain. Ko made a physical examination of the patient, ordering a blood test and X-ray, and quickly diagnosed the problem as appendicitis. The patient was immediately taken into the operating room for surgery and she assisted Ko with the appendectomy.

Chen said that three years later Chu realized that a lack of postoperative care physicians was holding back NTU Hospital from being a world-class hospital. Chu noted that Ko had a good background in medical training and was willing to do research, and persuaded him to switch to postoperative care at NTUH. NTUH now boasts a cardiac surgery patient survival rate comparable to that of any hospital in the US and other advanced countries.

Chen notes that her husband often prides himself as being "the number one disciple of Professor Chu,” adding that she cautions him not to brag about that. She told him that “Professor Chu’s students can be found all over the place, you're just one of a bunch of his students!"

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