Chang Hsien-yao to seek prosecutors in leaked secrets case
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-24 05:42 PM
Former vice chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chang Hsien-yao said Saturday that on Monday he will take the initiative to go to the Prosecutors Office with "all of the information" he has at hand on computer disks. Chang said he is anxious to tell the whole truth about what has happened to him in order to demonstrate his innocence to prosecutors.

As to what constitutes the evidence he plans to hand over, he noted the letter he has written to President Ma Ying-jeou declaring his innocence. He said he told the president, “Ma Ying-jeou, I have done everything you asked me to do. You told me to take this position and I did. You told me to resign and I did. I have done nothing to embarrass our nation, and I have done nothing to embarrass you"

The Investigation Bureau has said that it has specific evidence of data that was leaked by Chang to senior officials in China's Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), adding that it does not rule out further investigations into Chang’s conduct. The bureau says it will begin carrying out its investigation and interviews on Monday.

One of the witnesses to be called in for questioning to help clarify the charges against Chang will be MAC chairman Wang Yu-chi. Other MAC personnel authorized to handle confidential documents will also be summoned to check whether others were involved in leaks of intelligence.

Acting Spokesman Chang Chieh-chin of the Taipei Prosecutors Office said that the office has not been informed that Chang Hsien-yao will appear at the court on his own. He noted that Chang has this right, and any evidence he turns over to the prosecutors office will be handled in accordance with the law. In addition, MAC Chairman Wang Yu-chi has said that if he is summoned by prosecutors he will "naturally comply with the request."

The Investigation Bureau has said that Chang is suspected of having delivered confidential information to senior officials in China's TAO. The bureau has not ruled out the possibility that Chang may have violated provisions of the laws related to Relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. The bureau plans to begin interviews on Monday as part of its investigation into Chang’s behavior while at MAC.

Wang Yu-chi has noted that Chang is being treated on the basis of the principle of "presumed innocence" and he will be given every opportunity to explain his side of the story. Wang said that he has learned that Chang is charged with leaking MAC documents but stressed that MAC has not made any comments about the charges against the former vice minister.

Wang noted that MAC has never said that Chang leaked any documents, much less claimed that he was acting as a ‘communist spy,’ and the council was even making preparations to ease Chang into a slot at a private corporation to help him get through his severance from MAC.

The ROC State Secrets Protection Act sets out three levels of classified secrets, with the most closely-guarded being "top secret," followed by “secret” and "confidential." Information used in the Executive Yuan is generally classified “confidential,” and Chang is said to be suspected of leaking "secret" or "confidential" information on at least five occasions.

In addition, there have been further rumors of an anonymous report from two years ago and that one year ago MAC conducted an internal administrative investigation related to Chang, but MAC has said the incidents "never happened." MAC said it has never carried out any administrative investigation of Chang Hsien-yao.

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