Tsai Ing-wen charges King with responsibility in Chang Hsien-yao fiasco
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-24 07:45 PM
In Taoyuan Sunday morning for a campaign function, Tsai Ing-wen expanded on the Mainland Affairs Council’s treatment of former Deputy Minister Chang Hsien-yao. She noted that Chang has served in the first line of negotiators in dealing with China, and if leaks or any other kind of misconduct is behind Chang’s troubles, it could affect Taiwan's basic interests in cross strait relations. If this is the case, it could be necessary to re-examine all agreements reached and signed by both parties through negotiations in the past.

Tsai noted that the furor surrounding the Chang case highlights the dangers and failures inherent in the entire national security system, saying the nation’s credibility has suffered severe damage. Tsai said the Chang incident could influence future negotiations with foreign countries, and someone in the national security apparatus must be held responsible for the fiasco, a reference to King Pu-tsung as Secretary-General of the National Security Council.

Tsai, who served as chair of MAC during the Chen Shui-bian administration, said that anyone who has ever been involved in negotiations knows that government credibility is a basic ‘given’ for negotiating with foreign powers. Chang Hsien-yao's case has seriously hurt the credibility of the ROC government, she said, noting that she believes it will affect the future of cross-strait relations and make the job of following up on negotiations much more difficult.

Asked whether current MAC chairman Wang Yu-chi is responsible for forcing Chang’s resignation, Tsai admitted that at this point it is not certain who was directly responsible for his resignation. She implied, however, that the one person who should be responsible for the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the case is King Pu-tsung.

Tsai said the way the Ma government has handled the Chang Hsien-yao case is typical of its ham-handed treatment of personnel and entities in both internal and external matters. She said the national security system has failed and many agencies and systems are totally out of control. She called for a thorough review of not only MAC but also the entire national security system, saying that it is necessary to understand where exactly the problems lie in the national security system and to determine how many more people must be held accountable for these failures. Otherwise, she said, the problem will simply continue in the future.

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