Taichung businessman abducted and slain by driver
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-25 03:54 PM
Taichung City businessman Shih Chia-chin was kidnapped by his driver Hsieh Yuan-hsin on August 18 after returning to Taoyuan International Airport from a trip to the US. Hsieh and two or three accomplices demanded a payment of NT$50 million from Shih but were apparently only able to have three remittances of NT$10 million each transferred to three bank accounts.

Police found that Hsieh went to the bank but was not able to withdraw the funds. On August 18 he used a false passport he had obtained using his cousin’s ID to depart from Taoyuan International Airport, and a check with authorities in Thailand showed that he had already passed through immigration there.

The National Immigration Agency said Hsieh had used his cousin’s identity card and his own photos to apply for a false passport from the Foreign Ministry. Since the passport was issued by the MOEA, it cleared a variety of checks at Taoyuan including UV scanning, and Hsieh was allowed to pass through immigration and leave the country.

Hsieh is believed to have already fled Thailand, while two or three accomplices involved in the kidnapping and killing are assumed to be at large in Taiwan. Police have released a photograph of two men suspected of involvement in the crime in the hope that someone will identify them.

Shih Chia-chin started out in electronic gaming and Internet gambling, later branching out into investments in real estate. More recently he acquired supermarkets and rental properties and reportedly was trying to apply for a green card in the US.

A police spokesman said that Hsieh Yuan-shin lost money running a fruit stand and landed a job at one of Shih’s companies as a driver. His performance and record caught Shih’s attention and he was promoted to Shih’s personal driver, serving in that position for more than four years.

Police discovered Shih’s body near his vehicle in Tan-shan District of in Tainan on Sunday. The body was badly disfigured but members of his family were able to identify articles of clothing and a wristwatch. Confirmation of the identity using DNA is pending.

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