Sean Lien spokesman calls for Wang Yu-chi to step down
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-25 05:54 PM
Chang Shuo-wen, a spokesperson for KMT Taipei mayoral candidate Sean Lien, appeared on a cable TV news show Monday, calling out to Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Wang Yu-chi, "You should step down." Chang explained that he believes the sacking of former deputy minister of MAC, Chang Hsien-yao, will seriously affect cross-strait relations. He added that Wang has been the leader on the Taiwan side in cross-strait negotiations and said MAC should not engage in slandering the personal reputations of its officials. Treating its functionaries in such a manner, said Chang, is "basically much worse than just telling them to go to hell." Chang added that he is not the only person who thinks this way – there are many more people out there who are not happy about what is happening in the Chang case.

Chang Shuo-wen noted that Chang Hsien-yao was just a deputy minister at MAC, and everything he did was on the instructions of MAC or the President’s Office. He did very little, said Chang, that was based on his own decisions.

Chang Shuo-wen went on to say that Wang Yu-chi’s role in the incident is also critical. He said that if Chang Hsien-yao is under investigation, then Wang Yu-chi should come forward and explain his part in the matter. Moreover, in order to protect Taiwan's position in future negotiations with China in the future, "I think you [Wang Yu-chi] should step down."

Chang Shuo-wen warned that the Chang Hsien-yao incident could cause many people to lose confidence in their country and government. He added that this situation is the biggest crisis ever seen in the history of relations across the Taiwan Strait.

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