Sean Lien spokesman transferred after jibe at Wang Yu-chi
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-26 05:32 PM
Alex Tsai, director of the Sean Lien campaign for Taipei City Mayor, announced a personnel change in the campaign headquarters Tuesday involving one person who spoke out against Mainland Affairs Council Minister Wang Yu-chi. Chang Shuo-wen has been shifted from duties as a spokesman for the campaign headquarters as well as a team leader and will now be responsible for security and travel liaison duties. He will no longer speak on behalf of candidate Sean Lien.

Chang appeared on a cable news talk show Monday evening, where he blasted MAC Minister Wang Yu-chi, saying Wang should step down to take responsibility for the leak controversy surrounding former Deputy Minister of MAC Chang Hsien-yao. Sean Lien told reporters Tuesday morning that Chang's comments were his own and not his (Sean Lien’s) , adding that "Everyone should be responsible for their words and deeds."

Chang’s removal from the position of spokesman came promptly after his outburst. Tsai emphasized that personnel adjustments in the campaign headquarters are their right, and they absolutely have the power to make such decisions on how to use their manpower.

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