Incentives for doing business in Taiwan: Taichung City
By George Liu
Taiwan News, Staff Reporter
2014-08-27 09:49 AM
This article is part of an ongoing series detailing incentives offered by cities, counties, and the central government to companies operating in Taiwan. The goal of these pieces is to raise awareness among foreign enterprise as to the advantages of doing business in Taiwan and attract foreign participation in Taiwan’s economy. Hopefully, the information presented herein will incite interest in various locales on this beautiful island and prompt interested parties to seek further information.

Taichung City offers 2014 investment incentives in the form of an Ordinance for Land-Value Tax, House Tax, and Deed Tax Reductions and Exemptions for Private Institutions Participating in Major Infrastructure Projects. Eligible applicants include participants in major infrastructure projects as designated in Article 3, Paragraph 2 of the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects. Taichung City also offers the local government version of the Ministry of Economic Affair’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

Subsidies include a five-year exemption from the land-value tax, 50% reduction of the house tax for five years, and 50% reduction of the deed tax. The Taichung City Government also agrees, in accordance with the provisions of Article 52, Paragraph 3 of the Act for the Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects, to exempt other institutions from payment of the deed tax on operating assets or construction projects acquired as a result of taking over or continuing construction or operation.

For more information, please contact the Department of Investment Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs at (02) 2391-4950.

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