Twelve year education entrance system reforms announced
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-30 07:53 PM

The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced the twelve year education entrance system reform program Saturday. Special entrance examinations will be implemented by each district itself, reference Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Student results as a threshold, and add one to three examination subjects. In order to avoid the phenomenon of over quota due to equivalent scores for open admissions, a scale score with ten ranks has been added.

The twelve year education system was initiated in academic year 2014. After the first implementation of the entrance system, many issues arose including the enrollment season dragging out from May to Mid-August. In addition, open admissions rank comparison when over quota, including designated choice sequence scoring and over prioritization of written exam ranking, were also criticized.

The MOE announced the complete twelve year education entrance system reform program Saturday. Designated choice will be changed to adopt “group scoring.” Written exam ranking will also be adjusted lower. In terms of open admissions over quota ranking, if an identical score emerges after all items have been completely compared, the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Student’s “scale score” will decide the outcome. In other words, in addition to the “three grade and four marks” in the comprehensive assessment program, there will be an additional 10 scale ratings.

Minister of Education Wu Se-Hwa stated, the aforementioned scale score will not appear on transcripts. It will only be used as a last resort for open admissions. According to simulations, the over quota due to equivalent scores problem exists not in the front section but in the middle section and is especially prevalent in vocational schools. This is because vocational schools only have one to two classes and can only admit 50 to 100 students.

According to MOE simulations, the only school districts that require the use of a scale score are those with over 30,000 students including the Keelong-Taipei District, Taichung-Nantou District, and Kaohsiung District.

In terms of special entrance examinations, Wu emphasized that there must be a return to a spirit of special recruitment. Recruitment should be handled by each school according to their own unique courses. Examinations will be held by each school or jointly by each district. The NTNU Research Center for Psychological and Educational Testing can provide professional consulting.

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