Eric Chu, Sean Lien offer mutual praise in New Taipei City tour
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-31 05:40 PM
Put off twice following the tragedy of the gas explosions in Kaohsiung, a joint excursion featuring Eric Chu and Sean Lien finally took place in New Taipei City on Saturday. KMT Taipei City mayoral candidate Sean Lien and New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu traveled to locations in Sanchong, Xinzhuang, Banqiao and other places in the city during the day to greet well-wishers and deliver positive messages concerning the two campaigns for mayor in the year-end elections. Lien praised Chu for a record governing New Taipei City that he called “absolutely perfect,” while Chu called for straight talk in the Taipei City campaign, saying that "elections should be about issues and not just a matter of spewing caustic comments."

Chu and Lien started out the day by visiting a public day care center in Sanchong, followed by a stop at the 435 Art District and New Moon Bridge in Banqiao. As Chu looked on, Lien said that Chu’s leadership as mayor had made many things better in New Taipei City than in Taipei City.

Lien cited Chu’s concern for the people, as evidenced in projects like the public day care center. He said that Chu has been instrumental in the development and maintenance of such facilities for the health and well-being of the city’s residents, and added that he would hope to do the same sort of thing as mayor of Taipei City. In Xinzhuang, Lien said that he thought he was very familiar with that part of New Taipei City, but had discovered many changes and new developments that had taken place under the tutelage of Mayor Chu.

Chu returned the favor by saying there should be less propaganda and more candid talk in the Taipei City mayor race. He added that if independent candidate Ko Wen-je is interested in paying a visit to the public day care center or other facilities in New Taipei City, he is always welcome. He said the two major metropolises of the north should be willing to work together for the good of the people at any time.

Chu and Lien also exchanged memories regarding their commutes during their days as students, with Lien noting that he often took the 299 bus to Furen University, and Chu recalling how he would take the 307 bus almost every day to school. They agreed that as veterans of bus trips across the city they “understand the habits and experiences of bus riders in the city," something they said Ko Wen-je is not capable of.

Chu noted that this series of joint appearances took place in areas around New Taipei City and added that he hopes the two will be able to do something similar in locations around Taipei City.

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