Tsai Ing-wen heads south to campaign for DPP candidates
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-08-31 06:52 PM
DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen traveled south Saturday to assist in the campaign efforts of party members in Taichung and Changhua in the year-end elections. Tsai went first to Taichung, where Lin Chia-lung is seeking to wrest the mayor’s office from Jason Hu, who has occupied the office of mayor of Taichung City and Taichung Municipality for 13 years.

After that she continued further south to Changhua, where Chiu Chien-fu has set up an election headquarters for himself for mayor and 37 other candidates. Tsai told members of the accompanying press group out that the 2014 elections for mayors and city and county councilors and other elections in Taichung City and Changhua are critical parts of the DPP campaign, and could affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election as well.

Tsai appeared at Tungshan High School in Taichung City Saturday, where she joined Lin Chia-lung and 33 candidates for city council. She shouted凍蒜or "frozen garlic," which is a homonym in Hoklo for ‘elected,’ and spoke of a DPP victory in the 2016 presidential election that will lead to greater support of development and construction in Taichung.

Tsai criticized the performance of the KMT in regard to Taichung and its people, saying that for all the years Jason Hu has been mayor of Taichung City, there is little to show for his efforts. She criticized the city’s Bus Rapid Transit system or BRT, which she called a “poor man’s version” of Taipei’s MRT. She said the drawbacks in the BRT system inaugurated last month point up the need for Taichung to slough off the KMT leadership and elect Lin Chia-lung.

Tsai said victory in Taichung this year will mark the beginning of a march north that will turn all of Central Taiwan into Green territory. Eventually the Green carpet will reach all the way to Taipei, she averred.

Asked by reporters about Ko Wen-je’s statement that he will be in Japan at the end of September and will miss the DPP’s anniversary celebrations September 28, Tsai played down any idea of controversy. She pointed out that for one thing, the party has not begun compiling its list of who to invite to events on that day. In addition, she said, the recent disasters in Penghu and Kaohsiung call for a more subdued mindset in marking the occasion, saying it will be a time for reflection and remembrance rather than light-hearted celebrations.

Tsai explained that she will be joining party members in Changhua in a family-style get-together on September 28. Overall, she said, the party will take a much more relaxed approach in planning this year’s observance of the date, noting that "anyone who wants to join us is very welcome, everything is being done the way Ko Wen-je wants it. After all, this is his campaign."

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