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Tsai Ing-wen shoring up sagging DPP effort in Taoyuan
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-09-01 03:21 PM
With Taoyuan viewed as one of the key points in the DPP’s bid to return to power in 2016, party chair Tsai Ing-wen ventured south to Taoyuan Monday to check out the party’s readiness, and she could not have been too happy about what she saw. Local DPP candidates complained that they are not getting much support from Taoyuan mayoral candidate Cheng Wen-tsan and their campaigns are faltering. Huang Chin-chun, who is a member of the DPP Central Executive Committee as well as president of the Taoyuan Irrigation Association, asked, “If (Cheng Wen-tsan) is not interested in the elections, why is he running them? "

With members of the Green Camp carping about needing a "coach" in the elections, Tsai Ing-wen was forced to step up and announce Cheng as chairman of the local campaign. Still, party candidates are concerned about the situation, with one DPP member muttering, "This mother hen can’t take care of her chicks, we have to look out for ourselves!"

Taoyuan County Deputy Magistrate Hsu Shih-wen notes that before the outbreak of recent corruption scandals, the Green Camp was given a good chance of reversing its history of losses in the area. Now, however, local sources say Cheng has fallen two digit behind his adversary in the polls and his prospects in the election are fading. Local Green Camp figures say that incumbent County Magistrate Wu Chih-yang has been working the countryside and pushing his policies, and even though he has lost some support among voters, the delcine seems to have bottomed out. In contrast, DPP candidates are saying that although they have received the blessing of the Central Committee, the party has generally been "lazy" in offering its support

Huang Chin-chun, who is familiar with the political scene in Taoyuan, says that when he ran for county magistrate in 2009 and for the Legislative Yuan in 2012, he ran lackluster campaigns, and what little he did was mostly for the benefit of the party. This time around, said Huang, "We can only wait to see if he does any better."

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