Serial rapist Justin Lee sentenced to 79 years on appeal
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-09-02 07:27 PM

The Taiwan High Court sentenced Justin Lee to 79 years and 7 months Tuesday in a decision on his appeal of a guilty verdict on six charges of aggravated forcible rape, 12 charges of forcible rape, 10 charges of intercourse with an unconscious person, and 17 charges of invasion of privacy handed down by the Taipei District Court last year.

Since the upper limit for prison sentences in Taiwan is 30 years, the collegial bench announced that Lee will serve 30 years and pay restitution to victims totaling NT$27.45 million. This was a rare decision in Taiwan’s judicial history for a sexual assault case which can be appealed to Taiwan’s Supreme Court.

Lee is the son of former Yuanta Financial Holdings CEO Lee Yueh-tsang. Lee’s attorney stated that the defendant’s parents were shocked at the ruling and will appeal the decision.

Lee began his rape spree in 2009 with a modus operandi of staking out luxury nightclubs for potential victims before drugging, sexually assaulting, and often filming the unconscious women. As many as 34 victims were filmed including a number of celebrities, according to the Central News Agency.

In September of last year, Lee was sentenced by the Taipei District Court to 18 years and 6 months for the sexual assaults and 3 years and 10 months for invasion of privacy. Lee was also assessed compensatory damages totaling NT$14.35 million. In Tuesday’s High Court decision, both punitive and compensatory damages were raised. The presiding judge recognized 16 victims of sexual assault compared to the 9 identified by the District Court, thus extending Lee’s prison sentence to 79 years and 7 months. Compensatory damages were increased from NT$14.35 million to NT$27.45 million.

Lee was accused of taking sexual photos or videotapes of various women without their consent, with more than 40 models and celebrities appearing in the videotapes. Lee’s ex-girl friend Maggie Wu, a popular model and one of the alleged victims, called for the public to cease distributing the photographs at the time.

In 2012, local media Next Magazine disclosed that Lee had raped several young models. His plan of action was usually getting the victim drunk, or slipping drugs into water or liquor, at the bar and then taking the victim home. It was reported that Lee had videotaped 93 videos of his sexual activities with a total of more than 40 women. Although the police were able to identify some of the victims, only 16 of them decided to press charges in 2013.

Lee maintains his innocence, claiming all sexual acts were consensual. He admits to secretly filming sex tapes but is only willing to pay reparation of NT$200,000 to each victim.

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