Sean Lien: Registering for Taipei mayor race is “My D-Day”
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-09-02 09:07 PM
Greeted by a throng of supporters who shouted out “Dang soan” or “Elected” in the Hoklo dialect, KMT Taipei mayoral candidate Lien Sean invoked history’s greatest amphibious invasion Monday in officially registering for the election in November.

Grabbing a microphone after returning from the offices of the Taipei City Election Commission to KMT party headquarters, Lien shouted, "I hereby announce that it is time to counterattack! Today is our Normandy landing!" Lien went on to say that registering is just the first step, noting that the next phase is “establishing a beachhead” and working harder to press forward to victory.

KMT Vice Chairman and current Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin was on hand along with hand were the party’s Taipei City chairman Chung Tse-liang, campaign headquarters chairman Chen Chiung-sung, municipal affairs advisor Ou Chin-der, municipal adviser Lin Chih-ying, fan club president Chiang Pin-kung, campaign headquarters spokesman Philip Yang and a number of KMT candidates for Taipei City Council.

Lien accepted a symbolic offering from the KMT Youth Corps and spoke to the crowd outside the headquarters building, seemingly oblivious to shouts raised nearby by Wang Yi-kai, a key figure in March’s Sunflowers student movement. Lien emphasized the need for cooperation rather than confrontation in guiding Taipei to a brighter future. He pledged to lead Taipei City in developing into a world-class city in which all of its citizens will build a happy life together.

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