Wang Shih-chien caught entering motel with woman
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-09-03 02:55 PM
A magazine report claims that DPP Taipei City Councilor Wang Shih-chien was photographed entering a motel recently along with a woman surnamed He, emerging only several hours later. Wang came forward Wednesday morning to offer a public apology, saying that he was resolved to finish out his current term in the council but was suspending all campaigning in his bid for re-election. He said he would leave his fate up to the people to decide.

The magazine reported that Wang was snapped the evening of August 20 driving into a motor hotel with the same woman he was photographed with entering a motel eight years ago, a former assistant. This time Wang did not offer any excuses but directly apologized for his actions.

After the previous scandal erupted eight years ago Wang argued that he and the assistant had been doing "services for voters," a phrase that is still bouncing around on the Internet these days. Wang claimed he and the assistant had been examining documents together with a second woman and the entire meeting had been taped. The other woman first corroborated Wang’s story but later changed her tale, saying there was no such tape and she had lied “to preserve a family.”

In a press conference at the Legislative Yuan Wang said only that "every man on this planet is guilty of having made a mistake."

Now after being photographed with the same woman after a lapse of eight years, Wang said he was wrong and apologized to the public, his wife and his family, and said he would take time for deep self-reflection.

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